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Global Messaging Solutions For Business And Enterprise

Global Messaging Solutions For Business And Enterprise.

Our Services to helps you extent your reach and saves your time. SMS, Voice, Mail & WhatsApp. SMS is gaining higher popularity for communicating business to person through different corporate platforms, support services and online reservation systems to deploy SMS to increase efficiency and improve communication.The increasing penetration of Over the Top (OTT) apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp may have had a detrimental Impact on the use of P2P (Person-to-Person) SMS, however it has caused an indirect growth for SMS messaging.

About Us

World Wide Bulk SMS is a brand name of Smart Tech Messaging. It is into international messaging. We provide innovative business communication platform to enhance customer engagement and experience. We specialise in SMS Messaging communication platform. With our local presence in Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia and UAE, World Wide Bulk SMS process around 1 Billion SMS monthly.

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