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Get Response from target Audience in a more efficient way.

what is promotional sms

What Is Promotional SMS ?

Promotional SMS includes text messages that businesses send for marketing or advertising purposes. Brands mainly use promotional SMS to promote their products or services and generate customer interest—and to drive engagement from target consumers in a more direct and efficient way

How To Get Started ?

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Upload your contact list
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via our Web Panel.

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Click send and your
messages are sent instantly
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Watch how successful your
bulk text messaging
campaign has been through
our reporting and analytics.

How Can Promotional SMS Grow Your Business ?

increase conversions
Increase Conversions

SMS content offers a non-intrusive, yet highly engaging experience for your audience to act and buy from you.

Improves brand awareness
Improves Brand Awareness

Bypass email spam filters or social ‘Unfollows’ to reach your audience every time. Build recall to generate sales.

High ROI
High ROI

Get more bang from your marketing buck with a low cost & high return ratio vs channels like email or video.

Gain Buyer Insights
Gain Buyer Insights

Track the nature of customers buying via SMS. Refine your databases to personalize them for upcoming campaigns.

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